Day 29, Presidential Visit…

29/46 of daily Lenten blog…

We live about an hour and a half trip away from La Ceiba, which is the 3rd largest city in Honduras (although only population of around 200,000).  Half the trip is made on a dusty, pothole-ridden dirt road.  Just before arriving at our hospital on this journey, one passes a town called Balfate.  It’s a cute little village on the beach, with a quaint plaza and close knit community.  Today, the president of Honduras decided to visit this little town. Continue reading

Day 27, Happy day after March 31st

27/46 of daily Lenten blog…

This morning, one of the triage patients that arrived at the hospital in hopes of care caught my attention.  6 year old Gothel (not her real name) was accompanied by her mother, who said that Gothel appeared ‘swollen’ the last few days.  I looked at her and saw a darling, big eyed, slightly chubby little girl with dimples (see pic below).  I didn’t appreciate swelling, but mom was convinced she was.  She reported difficulty getting her sandals on. Continue reading

Day 23, Gimpy

Day 23/46 days of daily Lenten blog posts

Half way there!

Quick update, the Vampire (day 20) is being discharged, she is doing well!

Cute little Elsa (not her real name), 4 yrs old, came in about 9 days ago with a limp.  Mom said she didn’t want to walk.  4 year olds don’t fake limps.  If they are limping, there is something wrong.  Adult men may limp, but it can sometimes be because they are trying to garner the affections of their woman, or they are trying to get out of helping their friend move, or rarely they are cooking up a nice little L & I case at work.  Sometimes, it’s just because they are weenies.  But 4 yr olds, no way. Continue reading

Day 22, Hug-a-tree

Day 22/46 days of daily Lenten blog posts

Lets take a quick break from medicine:

Awhile back, we were home in the States and we had to run an errand.  Will, Owen and I decided it was a good idea to run this errand at a store called ‘Walmart,’ you may have heard of it.  It’s a really big store.

We haven’t spent a lot of time in this store.  However, we have spent a fair amount of time wandering around in the jungle.  So, navigating Walmart shouldn’t have posed any great problem.  Surely this chain megastore is no match for a jungle-savvy family from the North Coast of Honduras, right?  Hmmphhh… Continue reading

Day 21, Exposed…

Day 21/46 of daily Lenten blog posts

I’m hoping this will be a ‘Beauty-from-ashes,’ post, retrospectively.

This morning I had a 3 year old come in.  Here story was a little confusing, but apparently she had fallen and injured her ankle.  She went to a doctor near her home for evaluation, and he focused in on the swelling she had around her ankle.  If their story is correct, he proceeded to cut open the swollen tissue around the ankle, to ‘clean out the infection.’ Continue reading