Day 24, the Bloody Convulsing Zombie…

Day 24/46 days of daily Lenten blog posts.  Over the hump.

Heidi reminded me of this next story.  She remembers it well because she was entrusted with hailing the community with an emergent radio announcement, which we call ‘Code Blue.’ (See Day 17, Lazarus for more details about CODE BLUE)

This is an honor, and responsibility, not taken lightly.  It’s like having the Conch, in Lord of the Flies.

No, wait, it’s like having He-Man’s sword–‘I have the power…

he man i have the power GIF

Or maybe it’s like this:

Oh My Gosh, I Won An Award! GIF - Award GIFs

At any rate, she felt pretty important.  And powerful.  Because when you make that call over the radio, gobs of people just start running toward you, with urgency and purpose burning in their eyes.

So, the reason she had to make that call was that I told her to.  So, really, I was the mastermind behind the whole spectacle…

She and I were down at the hospital, in the inpatient ward. Heidi was counseling a young mother about breast-feeding, as she has done on occasion.  While we were standing in the hall, a fellow emerged from his room and started shuffling toward us.

It actually played out like a scene from a horror movie.  First of all, he was pretty much naked.  Second, he had been admitted to the hospital for a very strange skin condition.  Almost all the skin on his body became inflamed and started to slough off.  It wasn’t a pretty site.  In Honduras, where the temperature can exceed 90 degrees with 95% Humidity, this contributed to him having a slick, slimy sheen.

Also, a central line (IV catheter put into a large vein in your body) had just been removed from his neck.  Usually, after holding pressure on it for awhile, the bleeding stops.  His, however, decided to open like a hydrant.  Consequently, he was spewing blood from his neck.  His hand was clamped on it, but it was spilling out in every direction.  All of this combined to give him the appearance of the scariest scene in ‘Return of the living Dead.’









Return Of The Living Dead Horror GIF


As he staggered toward us, oozing, bleeding, and moaning, he proceeded to pass out.  Then, he started having seizures.  At this point, I cleverly told Heidi to call our emergency response team, while I laid hands on the gentleman in an attempt to stop bleeding and get him stable (Gloveless…).

Very quickly our team arrived, he stopped seizing, stopped bleeding, and woke up.  It was a bit anticlimactic.  But for just a moment, I was Rick from Walking Dead.  He was very lucky I didn’t put a crossbow bolt through his brain.

This brings me to a random thought that our family has discussed (at length—life is slow in the Jungle).  If there is ever a Zombie Apocalypse, Honduras would be a great place to live.  There are so many vultures living here, that I don’t think the Zombie hoards would last very long.  As quickly as a corpse could get up, get its act together, and start brain-hunting, the clouds of Vultures would descend upon it.  They would quickly devour its flesh, leaving it in a heap of bones.

BTW, did you know that a group of vultures circling in the air is called a ‘Kettle?’ (we call them ‘Vult-nados’).  A group of Vultures in a tree is called a ‘Committee.’  And a group of Vultures feeding on a corpse is called a ‘Wake.’

OK, then.  Good talk.

Photo of the day:

typical village road, near Bejucal, Honduras


22 to go…

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