About Us

The Moultray Family


Ryan –  Jesus Freak, Fearless leader, compassionate doctor, goofy Dad, obsessed with Husky Football, deer and elk stalker;     —–cries a lot

Heidi – Jesus Lover, Faithful wife, Encourager, Adventure-seeker, book-devourer, freakishly strong for a 40 yr old mom,     ——throws a nice spiral, has pretty hair

Will – (red hat)  Jesus follower, Lego-master builder, Book lover, artist, Minecraft Architect, baseball player     —–still loves his blanky

Owen –  (blue hat)  Prayer warrior, Stunt man, fisherman, deep thinker, sportsy dude, fart-in-a-frying-pan     —–very prone to head wounds

Juliet –  Belongs to Jesus, Princess, go-getter, Unicorn seeker, Ballerina, room-brightener     —-addicted to high-fructose corn syrup