Day 25, The twins…

Day 25/46 days of daily Lenten blog posts

A quick update on 2 special patients.  There is 3 year old ‘Marion’ from my earlier post, see Day 21 link here.  There is also 4 year old ‘Elsa’ from another post Day 23, link here.

They are in the same room together, so I am calling them ” Las Gemelas,” or “the twins.”  They are both so stinking adorable.

After I saw Marion initially in clinic, she promptly had surgery to remove the pins in her leg.  Now, she is hanging out in the hospital for several days with a vacuum on the wound, to help facilitate healing.  The next step will be some sort of skin graft to cover the wound.  See Day 21 for initial pics of the wound.  Our hope and prayer for her is that the ankle will recover and she will be able to walk.  This is her parents most pressing question to us, If she will walk again, and my prayer request to you.

Next, I have Elsa admitted for an abscess in her pelvic, presumably ruptured appendix.  We are waiting to see if she will require surgery.  She is receiving strong antibiotics, and a little pain medicine.  She seems in better spirits today, but her blood work looked a little worse.  Pray that we can avoid surgery.

So, yesterday I started playing with them, a little game with ‘Abejas’ (bumblebees).  I first started with Elsa, as I was trying to examine her tummy.  The Abeja was trying to get her, and she would swat it away.  Well, little Marion just thought it was hilarious, and would squeal with laughter.  So then the Abejas had to take a turn with her.  We played this game for quite awhile, then I found them some stickers and coloring books.

Today, it was ‘Arañas'(spiders).  They would skitter toward each girl, only to be squashed by their crushing blows.  This also illicited uncontrollable giggling.  We had a lot of fun today.  Remember, laughter is the best medicine…

My wife has my heart always.  My daughter as well.  But these 2 little gals have a temporary stranglehold on a little chunk right now as well.  See pics below.


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Photos of the day:

At the consent of each mother, in the hopes that ya’ll will pray for them, here’s a couple pics of ‘the Twins.’










until tomorrow.

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