Get Involved

So, how can you get in on this?

You have a few options:

First, you could do this:  Follow that passion and desire that God has put in your heart, and seriously just go for it.  It could be adopting a child (see Matt and Mandi, Todd and Julie, Jessica and Jason…)  It could be leading a youth group.  It could be helping at the Madison House, or coaching baseball, or hosting an Exchange student.  It could be selling your house, quitting your job and moving to Central America.  Just make sure it gets your juices pumping, excites you, stretches you, and involves CONNECTION with other HUMAN BEINGS.

That being said, you want to help us?   That.  Would.  Be…   AWESOME

Couple ways to do that:

  1. Come on down to Honduras. The weather is nice (if you don’t mind 90 degrees and 98 % humidity). We will put you to work.
  2. Pray for us: That I would be a competent doc, Heidi would be a patient and capable teacher/helper, the kids would adjust and learn the language. That we wouldn’t get kidnapped, hacked by a machete, or contract schistosomiasis. That we would be good ambassadors for Jesus, and willing servants.
  3. Support us financially.   We have traded a secure income for a malaria infested jungle, and we have quite a few costs down here: rent, groceries, transportation, kids’  schooling, insurance, ongoing student loans, Heidi’s Nordstrom habit (kidding, hehee)… they don’t tell you in the missionary fine print that you have to pay for all this stuff… I thought God just dropped it from the heavens, like Manna. So, if you feel compelled to give, we humbly appreciate it and will try to be judicious stewards. Thanks

If you want to donate, you can:

  1. Donate online:  click here
  2. Or You can go old school and mail a check to:
    Christian Health Service Corps
    PO Box 132
    Fruitvale, TX 75127
    and include our ‘partner #0144/Moultray’ on the memo line of the check
  3. You set up an Automatic EFT from your checking account, free of credit card fees, by talking to Candi Seager at phone # 903-962-4475

We are looking for people who are interested in partnering with us on this endeavor. Not everyone is in a place where they can drop everything and move to the third world, but many people want to be part of the Ministry, nonetheless. We are hoping to arrange long term monthly giving relationships, so that we might continue to serve further.

So, If you want to say, ‘This is really amazing, give those Hondurans your all, doc!’:  consider $50-100/month.   If you want to say, ‘good riddance man, stay down there forever!’:  $200/month. You can also do a one time donation as well, which is greatly appreciated.

All kidding aside, we are humbled by any amount of generosity.  Thank you.  Heidi and I are going to give it all we got.