Day 28, Spay and Neuter

28/46 of daily Lenten blog…

It has come to my attention that I need to come clean with everyone:  My daughter is not, in fact, pregnant. This was my attempt at April Fool's humor.  Some may have seen it as crass, but I feel it was a   bold joke.  (think of this as the Sarcasm font)

Quick update on my 3 amigas:

Gothel (see day 27) is doing well.  Her blood pressure is better, more like a 50 pound Twinkie now.

Marion (see day 21) went to surgery today to have a graft put over her open ankle wound.  Now, every time she sees me coming, she says “es el Doctor Loco.”  It’s the crazy doctor!

Finally, there is Elsa (see day 23) She had surgery on Saturday, and an abscess in her psoas muscle was drained.  Since then, she has been very sore, and her belly has been quite irritated and swollen.  This is pretty normal after one has surgery in their pelvis.  However, today, she threw us a curveball.  Her mom approached me with a little rag, and told me that Elsa had spit something up:


By George, Dat be a worm!  Ascarias Lumbricoides.  Well, that might be why your tummy is upset.  Nurse, get that girl some parasite meds, please.  She’ll be pooping spaghetti in a day or two…

Not only is our hospital renown across Honduras for excellent medical care, but we are apparently expanding our services to Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Dave is removing this doggy’s boy parts.  Dr. Isaac is doing the sedation.  Andrew is assisting.  Mr. Mike is holding and comforting the dog.  And I’m gawking.  And cringing quite a bit.  Poor lil’ fella…


Never fear, the dog gave me his consent to publicly display his bits.

Photo of the Day:

This Little guy’s folks brought him in to see if he needed any sort of surgery.  He was born like this.  I believe this is the result of amniotic bands in utero.  In other words, straps of tissue compressed parts of his body while he was cookin’ in mom’s tummy.  He’s growing fine.  plays soccer and runs.  He writes without problems.  I’d say he’s doing great!




18 to go…

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