Our Mission

What the heck are we doing?!

This is a blog about how our family has decided to let go of our ‘American Dream’ for a time, to see what God can do with us.  It’s weird:  I have a great job, I love who I work with, we have (had) a beautiful house, living in an awesome neighborhood in a lovely town.

We are not want for anything, we have amazing friends and family all around us, our kids are healthy, and we have a thriving marriage. and yet… Heidi and I had a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction.

Maybe it’s being over 40, maybe it doing the same thing for the last 10+ years, or maybe it’s because we read Bob Goff’s book.  But truly, we feel that God has called us to get out of the boat and sink a little, to let go of our securities, and to trust Him to guide us toward an experience of Faith and Service.

so it turns out, He’s taking us to Honduras…

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