Bodies that are Foreign…

I’ve had a nice rest since the 46 days of Lent series.  Ready to get back to some bloggin’….

Warning, Meme alert:  I’ve just discovered this brand new communication technology called “memes.”  They are little snippets of soundless video that often have snarky captions.  I went hog-wild with them…  Enjoy.

Foreign bodies can be intriguing.  I’m not making any sort of provocative innuendo, here.  My wife is domestic, and I only have eyes for her.  I’m talking about stuff that gets lodged/wedged/stuck/imbedded/trapped in all manner of locations in the human body.  Every week someone comes to the hospital in the hopes that we can remove whatever thingy has got into them. Continue reading

Day 45, Reign of Terror

45/46 of daily Lenten blog…

This past week I rounded a corner in the hospital and there was a bit of a crowd assembled.  There was some buzz.  I worked my way forward to see what was going on.  It turns out, it was because of an increasingly common occurrence here at Loma de Luz:  First steps…  The crowd was witnessing a middle-aged gentleman’s first steps with a new prosthetic leg, and it was like he had his own cheering section assembled.  This is a beautiful thing to witness.  Fun to see restoration of function and dignity.  We are so grateful and excited about the new Prosthetics Lab that is up and running at Loma de Luz. Continue reading

Day 43, The Probe, part II

43/46 of daily Lenten blog…

Today I had a couple interesting folks to see.

Moe (not his real name) 53, tells me he was sitting in his home this past December when a bullet tore through his elbow, fracturing it.  The bullet wasn’t intended for him, but bullets have a funny way of traveling a long ways before they stop. Continue reading