Finally… on our way to that warm place (Honduras)

In preparation of our move to Honduras… 



Will’s former mop…


In good spirits (for now) at the airport, posing with an Orca (cool, eh, Alli?)


Will’s first journal entry


Owen follows through on our deal: no haircuts for the last 3 months, but now it’s all comin’ off.


one last day playing in the snow. I’m pretty sure we won’t see the white stuff for the next year.

IMG_8099 IMG_3601


The Yakima landscape just before we left for the Steamy Jungles of Honduras

Finally…  we.  are.  DOING IT!   I am totally sick of talking about it nonstop for the last few months, and glad to just be getting to it.  So many thoughts and feelings, and I wish I had a bunch of profound wisdom to share, but honestly it feels like I am just along for this ride.

It’s like the hard part for Heidi and I was to answer this call, to say ‘Yes God, we are willing to turn our lives upside down and let go of so much good, to accept what You have for us which will be so much better.’   Getting into this boat, this ARK, was really hard and scary, but now that we have been in it, it is driving itself.   we are just going down the river, bumping into a few logs and rocks along the way, but our boat just goes around them and keeps on trucking.    It’s so liberating, when you know you are in God’s Will, and letting go of all that encumbers you.

Ok, I’m just going to spew a bunch of random thoughts here, since we are sitting in an airport in Houston, 5 AM West Coast time, the sun cresting the Texas horizon.

Again, talking about liberation, it was so cool to consolidate all of our wordly possessions (aka Crap) into 5 large suitcases, 5 carry-ons, and 5 backpacks.   I highly recommend it.   All the other stuff that we crammed into the storage unit when we sold our house this past summer…   do you know how much I miss it?  NADA!   (that’s spanish for not all all–well technically, ‘nothing).

See above for Will’s first journal entry.   We are hoping to make that a regular occurrence on the blog, with the children’ journaling their thoughts.

We have been reminded this past week how Blessed we are with our incredible friends and family.    We are truly surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, who have encouraged us every step of the way, and gone to great lengths to help us and serve us.   Thank you all.   you know who you are 🙂

I am so unprepared.  my Spanish sucks.   I haven’t delivered a baby in 8 years.   I really don’t know jack squat about tropical infectious diseases, except that I don’t want to contract any.    Needless to say, I get queazy every time I think about my first day on the job.   I worry that they will say, ‘Dude, I thought you said you spoke some Spanish?!’   or ‘Are you sure you did your medical training in the United States?  you sure it wasn’t an online course?’  Anyway, I appreciate your prayers for competence, and speedy learning.

I want to share a nice moment.   We were picking Will up from his  friend, Luke’s house, and Will was lamenting (a fancy word for whining) about leaving for our trip.   Luke’s dad, Owen, encourage Will to really focus on being a blessing to the people he comes into contact with down in Honduras, to not focus on our own discomforts and insecurities, but to focus outward and figure out how he can help.   It was a really great commissioning, and we appreciated it.

Really bummed we’re going to miss the Seahawks game…    I will say this:  even though Marshawn is out, I really think the Hawks can just plug any running back in there and they are going to roll.    it’ the Russell Wilson show now.   just sayin’…

Ok next post, from Central America.   WhooHoo!  Hasta Pronto


5 thoughts on “Finally… on our way to that warm place (Honduras)

    • rmoults says:

      Thank you Alice, we appreciate you! we just finished our first full day here, and i will write about it soon. Needless to say, it has been really hard/amazing/beautiful/uncomfortable… Blessing to you and your family. maybe you guys want to come visit? 🙂


    • rmoults says:

      Joyce, thank you! Ryan here… I will pass this on to Heidi. we have found that there is a phone APP called ‘whats app’ that is an excellent way for us to communicate. if you download it and send us a message, we will get back to you. Take care, Blessings! -Ryan


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