School, bugs, and medicine in Honduras

The boys have been attending a school in Rio Esteban, which is a school in a nearby village.  This has been difficult for them, as I have mentioned before.  They go 2 days a week, and our main goal is for them to learn Spanish and integrate with local kids.  There is only a couple kids there that speak english, and the boys are the only ‘Gringos’ that attend.  We’ve had a few tearful mornings as they resist. Continue reading


Let me tell you about Deneli, and something called Xeroderma pigmentosa…

We had been itching to visit the children’s center since our arrival, but just hadn’t made it there yet. If you want to know a little about the center, check it out here.  The children’s center is run by Iain Mackenzie, a gregarious, friendly grey-bearded Scottish fellow, and his lovely wife, Liz.  Continue reading

Snake bite…

There are a few patients here that are on my heart to share.  One is a young man who came in this past week, 22 years old, already carrying a diagnosis of colon cancer.  He apparently had a surgery a year ago, and currently has a colostomy bag.  He presented to us with bowel obstruction, which is painful and often requires surgery to fix. Continue reading

Heidi’s first post :-)

I have thought a lot about what I could write on this blog.  To be honest, the kids and I have been on “summer” break since our arrival.  We’ve just been visiting with neighbours, going outside to play, and our everyday activities- nothing I felt merited a blog post!  It’s been a nice time to adapt to our new place and get to know some of the other folks living here, though. Continue reading

Yep. That’s a giant maggot…

“Dude, you gotta come over here now!”  Peter interrupted, as I was seeing my 3rd patient of my Honduran career.  ‘Lo siento, un momento por favor,”  I told her—sorry, just a moment.  Peter was seeing a little guy, 5 yrs old, with a ‘lump’ on his head.  “Tropical medicine, man, whatcha think?  “Human Botfly, I fired.”  “Bingo,” Peter confirmed.  Continue reading

Christmas in Honduras

So far it has felt like Christmas here at Loma de Luz.  Every day there is a new gift to unwrap and discover.  Sometimes it has been in the form of flora and fauna, as we discover all the amazing critters and plants that live here.  Often it has been the blessing of hospitality, encouragement, or provision by the other missionaries here.   Continue reading

first post… the process

honduran spider

above, Honduran Tarantula.  –oh man, I hate spiders…

So, I guess this is my first real post.  Not even in honduras yet, but thinking a whole lot about it.   It consumes our conversation (Heidi and I), and almost everything we are doing.  —  Spent the weekend moving out of our house, letting go of a lot of things, saying goodbye or see you later to a lot of things. Continue reading