Heidi’s first post :-)

I have thought a lot about what I could write on this blog.  To be honest, the kids and I have been on “summer” break since our arrival.  We’ve just been visiting with neighbours, going outside to play, and our everyday activities- nothing I felt merited a blog post!  It’s been a nice time to adapt to our new place and get to know some of the other folks living here, though.

So the other day, I was lying in bed, about to get up, and I felt this thump on the blanket by my knee.  I instinctively just knew it was a gecko that had fallen on me from the ceiling.  I lifted my head, and sure enough, he was there, looking back at me.  It was ‘tiny,’ the kids had already named him.  He went on his way, and I continued to lie there.   That experience started me thinking about how I’ve changed since we have been here.  A month ago, that experience would have elicited a high pitched scream and the tossing of covers to make certain he was gone!

Juliet, we have noticed, has also adapted to the many creepy crawly things we now have in our home.  Back home even the sight of a bug would cause her to run and cry.  And when we first arrived here, if we saw a bug crawling across the floor we would trade turns scooping them up and flushing them.  Now, we look at them, but usually leave them to crawl on their merry ways (We are not talking tarantulas, scorpions or stinging insects…they are still under kill-on-site orders!)  Juliet will now actually touch them, and we speak kindly of the non-tarantula spiders since they decrease our overall bug population.  Bugs are everywhere in our home!  I make the bed, and sweep dead and alive ones off our sheets.  I wipe the kitchen counter in the morning, because it will often be covered with dead bugs.  So, yeah, lots of bugs…
I have learned to love whole milk.  That is all that is in the refrigerated section!  I’m usually a skim milk gal, but I’ll admit, a cold glass of the real stuff is good..dang good.  Juliet and Owen think I’ve been torturing them with milky water all these years- on a side note, I may need you to send me bigger pants in another month or two.  🙂
I am learning to be hospitable no matter the state of our home or what I’m serving for dinner.  We are in close proximity to many fellow Missionaries.  So we often have someone spontaneously staying for dinner.  I no longer feel like a competent cook or baker here!  My oven is gas, and doesn’t have a temperature gauge on the outside- so baking or cooking in it was a guessing game.  One neighbor has generously let me borrow her oven thermometer, but even then the temperature fluctuates.  I’ve served many a meal or dessert with this apology in advance- “this is not my best work!”  At home, I might have chucked a meal that had flopped.  Here, I serve it anyway.  Especially since groceries are often an hour and a half away.  I’m learning not to waste food, ziplock bags, etc.  I have felt some hoarding instincts kick in.  I do feel like there is good reason to cry over spilled milk- especially if it’s almost gone!
Things will be changing tomorrow.  The kids start school.  We signed Will and Owen up to  a private school about 15 minutes away.  It is not associated with the Mission/Hospital here, but friends told us that some other missionaries had sent their homeschooled kids there for a couple days a week, to make friends and learn Spanish.  So the boys will be picked up at the front gate at 6:30 am by a bus tomorrow.  However, the bus has to cross two rivers, and we have been told that since its been raining a lot, the rivers might be too swollen to cross.  If that happens, school will be canceled.  Will has been hopeful for more rain, as he is nervous about going.  Juliet will start first grade tomorrow at the school here (Owen will go with her on the days he is not at the other school.)  She was pretty excited about trying on the uniforms today, but did voice a passing concern about no longer being unique.  I am hoping to help at school (Called El Camino), a couple days a week, and also continue home schooling Will.
I would appreciate your prayers for the kids and I as we start school tomorrow.  Thanks so much for keeping in touch with us and following our adventure on this blog! Thanks for your prayers! More soon!


And now, as usual, some pics:

School uniform. Welcome to the world of conformation Juliet. you new name shall be #84652...

School uniform. Welcome to the world of conformation Juliet. you new name shall be #84652…

Will and Owen's new school.

Will and Owen’s new school.

Owen stoked about his new school

Owen stoked about his new school

Will, at the school. They're in the process of adding an indoor gym and track, swimming pool, chemistry lab, and polo fields. that's a joke, son...

Will, at the school.
They’re in the process of adding an indoor gym and track, swimming pool, chemistry lab, and polo fields.
that’s a joke, son…





big beatle. not the big ones yet though... I'm still lookin'

big beatle. not the big ones yet though… I’m still lookin’

Finally. Our first tarantula! oh goodie!

Finally. Our first tarantula! oh goodie!

Just a baby... can't wait to see Daddy

Just a baby… can’t wait to see Daddy

Went out to the 'restaurant.' Its a Champa (hut) in this lady's back yard and she makes you some home cooking'. It was Awesome!

Went out to the ‘restaurant.’ Its a Champa (hut) in this lady’s back yard and she makes you some home cooking’. It was Awesome!

This is interesting. a a mound of dried cement next to our house. Apparently, they don't have cement mixers here, so they just make a big ol' blob of cement on the ground next to the construction site, and mix it up right there. It makes a nice spot to park your car later...

This is interesting. a a mound of dried cement next to our house. Apparently, they don’t have cement mixers here, so they just make a big ol’ blob of cement on the ground next to the construction site, and mix it up right there. It makes a nice spot to park your car later…


8 thoughts on “Heidi’s first post :-)

  1. Barb Engvall says:

    Hi Moultrays –

    Found your blog via FB – didn’t realize that you had taken such a leap in your life. What an adventure for you and the kids, and doing such good work in a much needed area. Say ‘hi’ to Will and Owen – never had the pleasure to have Juliet at John Campbell.

    Barb Engvall – Teacher-Librarian (retired) – John Campbell


    • rmoults says:

      Hi Barb, thanks for reaching out to us. Both of the boys remember you well and say ‘Hi’ enthusiastically! Juliet enjoyed going to John Campbell for just the first 3 months of this school year before we moved here to Honduras. Now we are navigating many avenues of education, with home and on-line schooling, missionary school, and a local private honduran school. We’ll see how it turns out… 😉


  2. Phil Haggerty says:

    Hi Moultrays,

    What an adventure. I think about your posts when I’m in the grind at work, frustrated and bored with the status quo – yearning for an experience that is challenging and rewarding such as yours. It looks like the whole family is doing well there. We’ll keep watching and wishing we were there with you all. Remember that time we were at the Washington – Utah game… and Utah won …..



    That. Was. Awesome!

    The Haggerty’s.


    • rmoults says:

      yes, remember it well… that. SUCKED. Actually, that was really fun dude. look forward to doing again some time. Does Utah have an away game in El Salvador this year? if so, we are there!
      Yes, we are seriously having a blast down here. and there’s plenty o’ room for more docs. the more the better, as far as call schedules are concerned. There is a ER PA working down here for 3 months, who is not particularly ‘religious,’ so that is not a requirement per se.
      I have not been this excited about medicine in general in a long time. every day I am learning something new, or trying something new. Or working out a ‘get-around’ for the challenges of medicine here, and the limitations of resources.
      I’m doing OB again, and it’s actually fun. Theres a lot of collaboration as well here with the other doctors. almost daily we put our heads together on interesting and difficult cases. and its fun to do full spectrum again. And I have more free time than i have had in years. been snorkelling, hiking, spearfishing, etc. The kids seriously love it here.
      So, if selling all your possessions and quitting your job sounds fun, then you guys should seriously come on down.
      That being said, you could come down for a week or 2 to visit. we could spend some time at a nearby island, called Roatan, which is a really awesome dive location/vacation place.
      Hope you all are having a good winter, let’s keep in touch. actually, if you can load the phone app: ‘whatsapp’ we can call and text for free. works really well.
      alright guys, take care!
      the Honduran Moultrays
      ps, go Huskies. this year you going’ down!


    • rmoults says:

      Thanks Bill and Melanie,
      Hope all is well back on the farm! We will probably miss the pumpkin patch this year, but when we get home we’ll come by for a chat. In the meantime, Have a great year.
      Love the Moultrays


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