first post… the process

honduran spider

above, Honduran Tarantula.  –oh man, I hate spiders…

So, I guess this is my first real post.  Not even in honduras yet, but thinking a whole lot about it.   It consumes our conversation (Heidi and I), and almost everything we are doing.  —  Spent the weekend moving out of our house, letting go of a lot of things, saying goodbye or see you later to a lot of things.

It has been a real process.  I was trying to remember when Heidi and I came to the conclusion that, yes, we were going to turn our world upside down, strip off all of our worldly possessions, postpone our american agendas, etc…   Heidi remembers it happening (ironically) on our vacation in Hawaii–what’s more ‘American Dream’ than a vacation to Hawaii?   To me it’s just been a blur of testing doors to see if they would open.  Could I leave my job?  Yep.  Could we sell our house?  Sure.  Can we homeschool our kids?  Well enough (we’re hoping none of them want to be engineers, or scientists or anything…).

So I would like to say that our family has just been kicking butt at this process…   The kids are embracing this, totally gung-ho to leave their friends and minecraft and hamburgers;  That Heidi and I are praying every morning and doing our devotionals, and practicing Spanish together every night, and tidying up our lives so that we can be the perfect little missionary family.     Uh, no…

First off, I think we have both come to the realization that God just needs us to come.  Despite all our fears and unanswered questions, He put this on our hearts and we have answered the Call.   He is going to take our small, meager offering of time and resources, and do something good with it.  He just wants us to be willing.

Secondly, as Pastor Van Horn reminded us this AM, Jesus’ mission was simple:  To extend Grace.  We have received Grace, and we are going to give Grace to others, and we are going to give Grace to ourselves.   We aren’t going to be perfect missionaries.  I am not the perfect doctor, I am far from it.  and try as I might, I’m not going to learn all the things that will equip me to be the perfect doctor (at least not in the next 2 months).  Heidi is not the perfect teacher (although she’s darn near the perfect wife–wink wink).  Our kids are just flat not perfect.  we are not perfect parents.  I think Heidi told the kids to ‘shut up,’ the other day.   i made Owen cry about something like not eating his vegetables the other night.   enter Grace.  we are gonna cling to Grace, and really suck the crap out of Grace, and just keep fumbling along, thanking Jesus for giving us Grace, and figuring out how we can distribute more of it to others.

7 thoughts on “first post… the process

  1. Peter Myers says:

    Yay! I’m excited to follow! But there better actually be stuff to follow!! Is Heidi ready to add “blogger” to her résumé? Will you do more here than Facebook? Only time will tell but you have an audience that is eager to find out!! ❤️💛💙💜💚💖


  2. Mike and Rachel Ziegler says:

    So glad to hear that God has stirred your passion and that you all are on board for your up-coming journey! We will be praying over you all here at the Zoo!


  3. Randy and Beth Finger says:

    We are so excited for you and your family as you take this leap to follow what He has in store for this season in your life. We will be praying for each of you as you take this journey. Mostly we will pray for all those who don’t yet know Jesus and will get a look at what it means to be a Jesus “freak” from you and your family! Go for it and enjoy this great time with all the challenges and triumphs. God Bless you all!


  4. Mandy Worby says:

    We are so excited for you guys and to follow your progress! Thank you first for answering His call and doing such a great thing, and second for being an incredible Doctor for our family throughout the years 🙂 We appreciate you and your family! God Bless!!!


  5. The Short Family , Doug , Betty , Amber and Hazel says:

    Hello Doctor Moultray and Family. We are excited for you all on your new journey , wish the best for all of you. Sure do miss you here. God Bless


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