Top 10 list…


Dear Friends,

Ok, gonna’ rip the bandaid…

If you’ve been following our blog you likely know that we have signed up to work here for another year, after realizing God still has us where he wants us for now.

Our ministry is changing lives by meeting medical needs in a rural Honduras community, by educating the children, by providing homes to children who have been abandoned or abused, and most importantly by sharing Hope.  Check it out at:    Check this video out, this is really awesome:  RIGHT HERE DUDE  and here’s another:  ANOTHER

We need help.  Maybe your help…  We are looking for about 40 more people to commit to supporting us monthly at about $100 per month.

Here are some of our specific needs:

  • Prayers–for the Honduran people we serve, for Ryan to be a competent and compassionate physician, For Heidi to be an effective teacher, for our kids to be a blessing to the local Honduran children.  For our Spanish skills to improve.  For safety, and stamina.
  • We are looking for people to help us organize some get-togethers with others who might be interested in joining our support team.  Whether it is small group meetings, dinners, church settings, coffee, beer shoppe, prison, etc…  We don’t care, we’ll meet you anywhere.
  • Personal Financial support
  • Vehicle–we hope to raise enough support to buy a vehicle to use while we are here, and that we will donate to the Hospital permanently.  Reliable transportation in Honduraras is very important, and difficult to find.

Top 10 Reasons to support us:

  1. You feel a call to be a part of this heart-changing ministry but don’t have the ability to come down here in person.
  2. You love children and want to help alleviate their suffering
  3. You want to help support a hospital that generates scores of jobs for local Hondurans
  4. You believe in improving a culture by providing education.
  5. You believe that Love is an action (check out “Love does” by Bob Goff…)
  6. You like us. You really like us…
  7. You don’t like us, and you want to make sure we stay down in Honduras for as long as humanly possible
  8. You feel sorry for us
  9. You need a good tax write off/you are trying to impress your accountant
  10. You just can’t think of anything better to do with your Lotto jackpot winnings…

If you want to find out more about this ministry before you make a decision, we will be back in the states mid-September and would love to sit down and share with you what we’re doing. Please let us know if we can connect with you.

If you think you are ready to jump into this partnership, go to this link, which takes you to our ‘Get Involved’ page on this blog website:  Get Involved.  More directly, you can go straight to the donate link, at the Christian health service corps site:  HERE!   We are hoping to partner with supporters who can commit to the next year with monthly giving. However, one time donations are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this whole page! We understand you may already be committed to supporting other causes, so please don’t feel any pressure about this.  We firmly believe God will make it clear if this is for you.

Blessings Friends,

The Moultray Family
Magic Jack phone #: 509-723-2144

Here are some photos to get a taste of this place:


4 thoughts on “Top 10 list…

    • rmoults says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, we will take you up on that. We are back in Yakima now until December, so maybe we can find a time to get together and chat. We know you know more than most people since you’ve probably heard all the stories and seen pics from Jason and Jess. Thank you for your willingness, we will give you a call when we get more squared away. Take care! -the Moultrays


  1. EFite says:

    Wow how incredible! You probably don’t remember me, (AND THAT’S OK lol) but you were the primary care doctor for my two, and then three, sons and I was thinking of you today, wondering if you and your family were coming back to the states soon. You had said at our last infant check up that by the time you saw baby number three again he would be walking; which would not have been true anyway, as he is turning out to be quite lazy. As sad as i am to see that you won’t be returning to stay after all, what an amazing journey you are all on! The Lord is surely pleased with your family’s obedience and sacrifices.
    God bless you guys!! I rebuke the plan of every intestinal parasite in Jesus’ name! Hahah but really.


    • rmoults says:

      Ericka, Thank you for your encouraging words! Thanks for rebuking our bugs too, Hehee! We are back for a short time but heading back to Honduras in December. I remember you 🙂 Blessings, take care! –Ryan


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