I’ve found a cure…

This remedy was popular in the early 70’s, but was largely forgotten as a viable cure for almost any malady.  I have since rediscovered it’s mystical healing powers, here in the jungle where the ingredients are ubiquitous.  Please consider trying this natural healing elixir the next time your health is compromised.  Henceforth, I’m not sure that I am going to prescribe anything but this…

click on:

Miracle cure


Photo’s and videos:

Heidi and I went for a hike together the other day, up the hill into the jungle behind where we live.  So nice that the kids are old enough to leave at home alone now.  Also, CPS can’t get us down here…

Leaf-cutter ants video.  They’re carrying cut-leaves, as they are wont to do…


climbing the water tower during our hike


Top of the water tower, where they store all of the water for the hospital and compound. I think I saw Heidi spit in it…


Not a bad view from the top of the Loma (hill)


360 degree view from our vantage point:

Giant Wasp versus Tarantula, who do you think won?  This is like a Wildkrat or David Attenborough documentary…



young pineapple



The Hotz family, on their family vehicle, after worship night. There’s room for one more guys, maybe it’s time to get preggo again…

Last night some of the families on the hill got together to light paper chinese lanterns and send them into the sky.  The Alexanders found room in their luggage on their last trip back from the states to bring down a dozen of them.  They nestled the flammable devices in their carry-on luggage, right next to some fertilizer, alarm clocks, wire spools, and blocks of sculpting clay.  They said customs was a breeze…


Joe and Dave, playing with fire. (in the guise of making a pretty for the kids to watch. But we all know that this was all about grown men lighting stuff on fire)


Jimmy, Josiah, Belinda, and Dave.


Oddly enough, several UFO sitings were reported from the small Honduran village of Balfate the night of April 24th, 2016.  Authorities are investigating…


Homemade armor and weaponry


Recess, the 4th grade boys playing jump rope with Miss Ashley


Recess. Owen and his classmates playing


Peter. Finally. Shot. A. Tuna. It’s a rare once every 2 year event


Peter was so happy, he was kissing everyone and everything


Who’s that creepy dude puttin’ the moves on my wife? They have a KFC in the city of Le Ceiba.


Honduran taxi cab


This is will with Mr. Mike, starting some work at the Bodega (the shop). That’s a welding mask he has on. Some of the young men spend afternoons at the Bodega, learning various skills, from welding, to using power tools, to just plain good work ethic.


During the Teeth-Brushing presentation, some of the kids found it a little less than enthralling. Interestingly, this young man was seen in the dental clinic later that day to have 7 teeth pulled (totally a joke, not true…)


Pam (who is also known as Zukie, the wife of my father, the mother of my stepbrothers, and finally she is my stepmother— Stepmother just sounds so sterile and cold. you instantly think of Cinderella or Snow White. Pam’s really a lot nicer then they were) Anyway, she sent me a nice little note with a picture that looked just like her. I thought it was so amazing that the picture bore a remarkable likeness to her, so I said, “wow that’s amazing, looks just like you!”  so she sent the pic above to me. I responded: “I live in fricken Honduras… What the heck is that?


but now I Bitmoji too.


and so does Heidi.


That’s all folks.  next post, big news…



7 thoughts on “I’ve found a cure…

  1. Trish Myers says:

    Always fun to read your adventures!!! However now I need some rum to put with the lime and coconut😀 Hugs to you all❤️❤️


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