Yaki-Vegas Mission complete!

Our friends/Cousins departed on Tuesday, from the island of Roatan.  What a great week it was to have them here.  It was cool on so many different levels:

First, it was so good to have a piece of our home come to us, in the form of our ‘Peeps.’       We had a great time of playing together, sweating together, and serving together.  The hardest thing about living and working here in Honduras is being away from our family and friends  (The second hardest is going without real pizza.  They just can’t get it right down here.) 

Second, they did some really amazing work here, and blessed a lot of people.  Jason resurrected at least 3 vehicles that were not running before he came.  He worked on a total of 13 vehicles and 3 other small engines.  He also helped lead worship on Sunday at church, as well as Thursday night during our weekly Prayer and Praise time.  I have photo evidence of how hard this guy busted his butt down here—his clothes were just filthy at the end of each day (I saw the hospital Laundry Personnel just throw his clothes away one evening, as opposed to even trying to clean them).

Jessica quickly learned how to be a ‘Honduran dental hygienist,’ which is a special type of Hygienist.  They are adept at working under low light/no power conditions and dealing with marginal sterility.  And rather than a 2 yr training program, they actually obtain their degree after about 75 minutes of causal instruction and then on-the-job training by Dr. Trammell.  Also, they need to say, “Aye Yigh Yigh!!” a lot.  Jessica was joined by Ana and Jenny, other missionaries here, in assisting Dr. Chris.  This was a really great team of young ladies (well, Jessica really isn’t young anymore, I guess.)  (yes, that was a joke Jessica, hehee).

Tram (Dr. Chris), my cousin, was able to do some great work for both the local Honduran folks as well as some of the missionaries.  He and his team started slowly the first couple days as they figured out how to make things work in their makeshift dental suite.  But by the end of the week, they had the place humming like a slightly rusty,  modestly-oiled diesel Toyota Hilux.  At least, until all the power died on Friday.  In addition to assisting at the dental clinic, Hannah was able to help teach dental hygiene at the bilingual School, and spent extra time at the Children’s Center with many little ones.  She was also great to our children, especially Juliet who was in big-cousin Heaven.

Finally, it was very satisfying to be able to show them all the wonders of this place.  To share with them all the sights, sounds, people and situations that have captivated us, that have brought out compassion in us, and that have even caused us frustration and disappointment.

Thank you, Tram, Hannah, Jason, and Jessica for donating your Time, Treasure, and Talent to Bless the People of Honduras, as well at the Missionaries here at Loma de Luz.  And thank you to all the other people who prayed for this trip, and made financial contributions to support the trip.  Also, many people put together care packages containing shoes, tooth brushes, art supplies, etc. to give to the orphanage.  Burkhart Dental donated many supplies as well, for the dental clinic.  It was a labor of love brought about by many prayers and efforts.


A Photo journal of their trip:



Picking up the Yakima team from the ferry terminal. The Stockton’s graciously let us use their Mystery-Machine-Missionary-Mobile (yet again).


Hannah, drinkin’ a bag o’ water.


Hannah and the kids swimming at our beach




Jessica spends some time at the children’s center, lovin’ on some kids


Tram (Dr. Chris) spending time with kids at the children’s center


Hannah and Jessica performing a root canal—without anesthesia.  And later they did some Neurosurgery.


The Dental team: Anna, Jessica, Dr. Chris, and Jenny


Esta Listo! Ready to have a drill shoved in his mouth 🙂


Jason workin’ with Mike. look how filthy He got. He must’ve been working hard to get that dirty, eh?  I think I saw him rolling in some mud just prior to this photo, though.


Jason and Rene getting a Moto back in action



We found a dead snake on the beach. And then, Owen ate it…



Jessica, Hannah, and Heidi presenting how to brush and floss teeth to the first grade class


The ENT team wired this young man’s jaw to treat his fracture. Then they passed the baton to Dr. Chris to place bands, 2 wks later. Guess who gets to be a dentist next?


Jason working on yet another car. It makes Ronie smile!


Dr. Chris and his trusty assistant/daughter, Hannah.


Hannach and Juliet, 2 great smiles


taking a little dip at the public beach, La Quinta.


having some early AM coffee near the Cubrada


After a hard days work. Who is that baby-faced young lad on the right?


Ryan (Moults), Jason, and Chris (Tram)



about an hour after we went swimming at the beach, this water funnel showed up very near where we were…


The Cavanaughs


Ryan learns a new skill from Dr. Chris


Jason helping Eliza, Isaac and Josh lead worship


When the power went out on Friday, they resorted to a portable generator to work on one last patient.


The monkeys finally showed up on the last day


Mama and a new baby


At the end of the week, we all headed to the island of Roatan off the shore of Honduras for 4 days of rest and relaxation, courtesy of Dr. Chris.  We swam in the pool, snorkeled, ate good food and really relaxed.  It was a fantastic end to a great week of work.


Jason holds the sun up for another minute, thus prolonging our glorious sunset just a bit longer


Monkey (White-Faced Capuchin), at the zip line. Luckily, he didn’t sling poo at us.


We took a zip line tour through the jungle canopy. There were monkeys, iguanas, lizards, and snakes.


The reef at Roatan was really incredible.


Roatan school of fish. That’s Dory, right?!


Brain coral, Roatan.


Eagle Ray

4 thoughts on “Yaki-Vegas Mission complete!

  1. Jacqueline Cavanaugh says:

    Hi, enjoyed your blog very much. Loved the photo of everyone esp. Jason and Jess. Since I am Jason’s mother. I think I would like to come and serve.


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