Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas friends, family, and random people who mistyped their web destination…

Let me share some Christmas Spirit with you:


Merry Christmas friends! May you experience Joy and true Peace this season.

My cousin Claire Trammell, and friend Ericka Nass (and other friend Chloe) did something special.  Without prompting or suggestion, they came up with the idea of raising money for our Mission down here in Honduras.  They created a business called ‘Sweets n’ Treats.’  They filled the cute little wheelbarrow seen below with baked goods that they had prepared, and hit the streets.  Visiting door to door, they sold their offerings and shared about the Loma de Luz mission.  Later, they presented their donations in the envelope and canning jar picured below.

I would also add that Claire’s big brother, Ben Trammell, set aside some of his allowance and presented it to us as well.

Now that is what LOVE DOES…

It reminds me of the story in Luke about the widow’s offering:



*This story is seriously worth reading, written by Dr Jeff Mckenney, founder of our ministry;  5 minutes or less, promise:  Loma de Luz newsletter….

Another important tidbit:  One of the other missionaries got stung in his butt crack by a scorpion the other night.  I don’t want to mention any names (Peter) seeing as how that is kind of a personal and embarrassing revelation.  But talk about a rude awakening…

Christmas Service and Potluck photos:




I’m dreaming of a…  wet?  green?  humid?  Christmas…

Feliz Navidad and Prospero año, amigos!

Next story, bullet in the face…   duh, duh, dunnnnnnnn!

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