We’re preparing to return to Loma de Luz, and we’ve had a bit of time to reflect on our last year.  I’ve thought a lot about Bertha and her daughter , a mom and baby that I cared for this past year.  A baby that wouldn’t have survived if not for the hospital, and the people that rallied around her.  It reminded me how unqualified I am to be serving in Honduras…

Last weekend we spoke at East Valley Foursquare church.  The church has been exploring the topic of being ‘Unqualified,’ and how God equips the unequipped to do His work.  I had to laugh, and nod in agreement, when Pastor Scott Ruark invited us to speak.  He said he immediately thought of us as the perfect representatives when they started the series on being “Unqualified.”  Shoot, we’re not even qualified public speakers.  I nearly wet myself every time I have to go in front of a congregation.  God is really hammering home the point with us:  If we can do this, anyone can, as long as your are willing…

Despite having almost a year of experience under our belts, we still feel apprehensive about our abilities to serve.  I’m feeling inadequate in my medical and Spanish skills.  More so, since I know what I’m in for.  I am disappointed in myself for quickly forgetting how God helped me through every difficult situation last year.  He always came through with help, in the form of other doctors, nurses, the Honduran pastors, and unexplainable healing.  I have a short memory…


We are in the home stretch, and we’ve raised about 70% of the funds needed to serve this next year. Thank you so much to those of you who have committed to praying, and financially supporting this ministry.  You are part of this beautiful act of love, serving these gracious people.  We need about 15 more people to come aboard the Love Boat and partner with this ministry (no, not that Love Boat.  That Love Boat brings back fond/confusing memories as a child of watching age-inappropriate television romances, between Doc and whatever floosy happened to be on the show.  Usually, I think it was Charo, the Latino spitfire.)  Anyway, if you have prayerfully decided to financially support us, then go to this LINK RIGHT HERE  where you can make it happen.  Thank you.

Stewardship Moment:

As we are raising support for this ministry, we try to be mindful of how we are spending money.  We feel it is important to be wise stewards of God’s resources, conscientious about our decisions.  Which is why I want to share one of our less shining moments, which happened a couple weekends ago.  We were at a local public house sharing a meal and watching our favorite football team on the big screen(Seahawks are our second favorite).

(Ok, major side note here:  Heidi and I are alumni of the University of Washington, and it just so happens that they have a pretty good football team.  Now, down at Loma de Luz there are quite a few Georgia Bulldog fans who apparently have thought that these so called bulldogs were something special.  I guess they’ve been playing football down there for awhile (Georgia, that’s down in the south, right?  Don’t they grow pickles there–or is it peaches?  And I think there’s a little town called Tennessee somewhere in Georgia, true?)  Anyway, I just wanted to give all my brothers and sisters in Christ the humble opportunity to jump on board the Husky bandwagon, so that you might root and cheer for the only true Dawgs, the Washington Huskies.  The Dawgs that are, you know, good…  OK, arrogant rant over.)  Addendum:  crap, lost to USC…

So anyway, we were watching the Huskies dismantle another team, and my son Owen asked if he could have a few quarters to play some video games.  I have fond memories of playing Dig-Dug, Frogger,  and Donkey-Kong at Shakey’s pizza as a kid, so I felt this was reasonable.  Well, being a missionary, of course the smallest bill I had in my pocket was a Fifty.  I gave Owen the bill with instructions to find a waitress and make change.  Off he went.  And then, I was reabsorbed into the glory of the football game.  An hour later, Heidi noted that Owen hadn’t returned with our change.  I quickly tracked him down, and made note of the extreme sagginess of his shorts.  They were practically falling off.  What was in his pockets that was pulling mightily toward the ground?  Yep.  Fifty bucks worth of quarters.  Or to be more precise, closer to $25 worth of quarters by now.  Whoopsies!  What would Dave Ramsey say?  well schucks,  lesson learned.  And thus ended Owen’s most glorious video-game playin’ escapade…

Here are a few great links to some of the things going on at Loma de Luz:

*check out this inspiring 7 part series by Dr. Isaac and Dr. Ann Hotz

*Here’s the cornerstone newsletter, about the same little girl, Kleyrein.

*Here’s Dr. Judy’s blog.  Most recently about a couple boys I wrote about earlier, Osman and Lucas. (who I re-named Marvin and Josie)

*The Stocktons write about ‘Grief,’ and the ‘Love Hammer.’

*Alissa Gomez writes about growing as a missionary in Honduras


Bertha and Isis Milagro, happy and healthy


The Beautiful Northwest



Go Huskies!


Our dog Riah, got the cone of shame…                                Thanks Uncle Dr. Matt!!


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One thought on “Unqualified…

  1. Rachel Ziegler (zoo manager) says:

    Awwww…you guys are incredible! So happy to hear you are almost there financially…we have kept you in our prayers and LOVE reading your blog…Ryan…you are truly gifted with your fun and playful communication skills! 😉 I really enjoyed bumping into Heidi here and there while you’ve been here…glad your visit was good! Blessings friends!


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