Various pictures, first week

Here are some pictures from our first week in Honduras. 


Very exciting! our first scorpion in the house. found it in the utensils drawer; Owen came to Heidi’s rescue and vanquished the beast.



This snake was caught and killed in the ravine just below our home. It goes by several names here in Honduras, most commonly ‘Barba Amarilla,’ locally. This is a type of Pit Viper, very poisonous and actually an aggressive snake. It’s said that it will actually chase you unprovoked. We are staying out of the ravine…


Bridge that goes to the hospital, over the aforementioned ‘Ravine’; formally known as the Quebrada, I will henceforth refer to it as the ‘the Pit Viper Death Ravine.’



our 11 yr old son, Will, continues to keep a travel Journal.




This is our backyard, you can see the edge of the ‘Pit Viper Death Ravine.’ 2 days ago the monkeys decided to pay us a visit. Both Howler and the White-headed Capuchins. Amazing to see them chillin’ in the trees.


IMG_2610 IMG_2615


Hey, let’s spend a beautiful day at the beach! oh, wait, what? well, it didn’t stop us from having some fun in the water. I’m sure they don’t dump any nasty liquids into the sea, right?



The car safety rules here are just a smidge lax. Anyone have an idea what the number one cause of death is, in Missionaries? Yep, motor vehicle accidents.


Hey, that’s a poinsettia…


Road to the city of La Ceiba. about at 1 1/2-2 hour drive. It’s where all the ‘stuff’ is… you know, like food.

2 thoughts on “Various pictures, first week

  1. Griselda martinez-cooper says:

    Hey, guys good luck, im in panama small town call macaracas and yes we have scorpion but not snake, thanks God. Love your post. God bless you and your family.


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